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3 Ways to Sell Your House Using Social Media

  People are spending an average of almost 2 hours on social media every day. If you want a quick house sale, it’s a smart idea to reach people where they spend the most time. Buyer and seller met each other through social media in 8% of all house sales. The best thing is that […]

Comparing ListingDomains.com to MyMarketListings.com

The world of single property websites can be a little overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar to them. Some of them include so many features that it’s easy to get lost. These websites sometimes charge yearly prices and include different options than other sites, which makes them hard to compare. To provide some insight into the market […]

5 Reasons to Use Single Property Websites for your Office

  If you have a real estate office or agency and want to make your real estate easily accessible through the internet, single property websites can be a very effective method of doing so. It’s an easy way to make your listings stand out and you will reach a much bigger audience than before. By […]

Luxury Properties Sell Better With a Single Property Website

  Buying or selling your luxury dream home, doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated these days. The internet has made it possible to put property for sale without the use of real estate agents. It makes the whole process much more cost effective and saves valuable time for sellers, as well as for buyers. […]