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  • Can I try out MyMarketListings without a subscription

    You can create a free account and create your first single property website completely free. Just visit the sign up page and select a free account.

  • What are the limitations of a free account

    With a free account, you can use all of the features of MyMarketListings, and create unlimited properties, but you can only have one property active at a time.

  • Will I be notified when a lead form is filled out?

    Yes! We will notify you by email when a lead comes in, and you can view and follow up on your leads from your account.

  • Can I purchase domain names with my properties?

    You can purchase any top level domain (www.myhouse.com) on either plan for $9.99 per domain.

  • Are there any signup or cancellation fees?

    No! Any plan comes with a 10 day free trial and no signup or cancellation fees!

  • How many photos can I upload?

    Upload as many photos as you want, all plans come with unlimited photos.

  • What is an "Active Property"?

    An active property is one that will be viewable by anyone. You can set any property to inactive to hide it. The basic plan only allows for 3 active properties at once.

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