4 Moving Apps for a Smooth House Move

4 Moving Apps for a Smooth House Move


You can download many apps to make the hectic time of moving to a new house, a lot easier. While some apps can be useful in the period before your move, others are useful on your moving day itself or right after it. We will discuss 4 of the most useful (and totally free) moving apps that will assist you to make the transition period as smooth as possible.



If you want to get free moving quotes from the best moving companies, MyMove is the perfect app. You can also look at reviews of moving companies to make sure you hire the best company for the job.

MyMove also has a moving checklist that you can use to make sure you don’t forget anything. It’s made by moving professionals so it can probably give you valuable ideas. On top of that it has a lot of helpful tips for you.

The MyMove app can be downloaded from the Apple store.


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The Craigslist app can be very useful both before and after your move. It can help you sell stuff you don’t need anymore instead of just taking it to the dump. By doing this, you can make some money and the buyers will come to your house to pick it up. A win-win situation. It’s also a cheap way to get furniture or other items to use in the decoration of your house.

The Craigslist app can be downloaded for Apple devices and for Android devices.



This is another very useful app to use before your move. It enables you to play around with the furniture in your room without actually doing any lifting or moving around.

All you have to do is stand in the middle of the room and scan around the corners. The app will then come up with a map of the room and its dimensions. You can then add furniture to your virtual room and relocate it until you found the perfect setup. A great way to save time and energy.

MagicPlan is available for Apple devices.


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Houzz Interior Design Ideas

After you found the right setup for your room with MagicPlan, the Houzz app can help to give your room the finishing touch. This app has a very large database of interior photos which can be inspiring when you’re decorating your home.

It’s great to browse through the photos and see what professional interior designers have created. The photos are sorted by style, location and type of room.

Another useful feature of the Houzz app is the ability to connect with a large community of house interior experts. They can assist you with your ideas and help with any interior dilemmas that might arise.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas is available for download in the Apple Store.


Good luck with your move and make sure your smartphone doesn’t end up in a box!


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