Don’t Miss Out on Mobile Traffic! See Why Reponsive Design Matters!

Responsive Single Property Site

Picture this scenario:

A buyer is driving around a neighboorhood and sees your listing for sale.  They see your sign rider, with your single property website address ( and want more information.  So far, so good.  They pull up your single property site on their phone, and it’s a mess!  They can’t read the site, contact you, or see any information!

Do you really think that buyer is going to give your listing a second thought?

Having a responsive single property site is the key to capturing drive by traffic and converting them into leads.  People would much rather pull up a website from their cell phone than try to remember a 10 digit phone number, that they may or may not call later.

What is a Responsive Site?

A responsive site is one that looks equally good on your desktop, on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or any cellphone or tablet.  Responsive means the website will respond to the device it’s being viewed on, ensuring your single property website looks good no matter what. All of MyMarketListings Single Property Websites are responsive from the start. This means you don’t have to worry about how the site will look when a prospective buyer wants to view your site from the road.

How Do I Get a Responsive Website?

Don’t miss out on mobile traffic, ensure your single property site is with MyMarketListings. Get your first site free, and see for yourself how great your website looks on your own cell phone.

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